Human Rights Day

Gujarat ranks 13th in the country with 1068 cases of human rights violations in 7 months, lowest in Nagaland-Ladakh

From April 1 to October 31.

1068 cases of human rights violations.have been reported in Gujarat. It ranks 13th in the country in terms of human rights violations. This information came from the details presented by the Home Ministry in the Rajya Sabha on December 8.

According to the National H R Commission.

a total of 64170 cases have been registered in the country in 7 months, with the highest number of 24242 cases or 38% being reported in Uttar Pradesh alone. Then comes Delhi and West Bengal. In Gujarat, more cases of human rights violations will be registered this year as compared to last two years. On the other hand, the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs told the House of Commons that there was no increase in  violations as per NHRC figures.

financial assistance of 6.59 crores for 215 cases

October 31 this year in cases of  violations. So far, financial assistance of Rs 6.59 crore has been recommended for 215 cases. Earlier it was recommended to provide assistance of Rs 27.68 crore for 713 cases in 2018-19, Rs 15.07 crore for 488 cases in 2019-20 and Rs 14.34 crore for 459 cases in 2020-21. The National Human Rights Commission has recommended an assistance of Rs 63.67 crore for a total of 1875 cases from 2018 to 31 December 2021.

The lowest number of HR violations.

in the North-East states The North-East states have the lowest number of human rights violations. 31 Oct. So far, 32 cases have been reported in Manipur, 38 in Meghalaya, 19 in Mizoram, 8 in Nagaland, 27 in Arunachal, 10 in Sikkim and 31 in Tripura. Assam is the only state where 330 cases have been reported.


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